Online Classes for Teens and Adults

Here’s an interesting site I found this past week. It’s called “Lynda”. For about $30 a month, you can find hundreds of online tutorials and classes mostly related to the tech industry. It’d be great for anyone trying to make their way in this world. I can see a young teenager taking these classes, creating a portfolio of work, and moving on to intern for a company as a young adult. I can see a parent taking one of these classes to help themselves create a business that will support their efforts to stay at home with their kids. Loads of great opportunity here. The best part? There’s a free trial!

PSAT & SAT for Homeschooled Students

If your children are interested in going the more traditional route to college, they may want to take the PSAT and SAT’s. Here’s a link that can show you how you go about taking those tests. There are links within for special instructions for homeschool kids.