Singing Classes Offered in the Palm Springs Area

Gwen King teaches singing classes for homeschoolers in Palm Springs and surrounding areas (30-mile radius)!

Her six-week singing class, “Learn to Sing” which she has taught dozens of times, introduces children ages 6 to 11 to the basics of vocal technique. Each week children learn and apply different vocal techniques to a song the whole class is working on. Then they perform it in a workshop style performance for family and friends. She holds the classes at a homeschoolers home. The host gets discounted or free classes depending on the number of participants.

She also teaches a 12-week vocal performance class for ages 12-17 which includes a public performance. Feel free to call or text her at 805 204-1165 or email her at She’ll happily answer any questions about the classes and how you can host one.

Music Classes in July – Yucca Valley

Local music teacher, Debbi, will be offering two classes in July! For more information, please email I will forward your message to her as soon as I get it.

1) Introduction to Music
This class will offer basics in note reading, rhythm and writing your own songs.
Kids will get an opportunity to try out several instruments such as violin, piano, ukulele, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and drums.
Age range: 6 and up
Goal: To introduce music and inspire kids to find their inner musician.

2) Introduction to Ukulele
Easier and cheaper than guitar, ukulele is a good introduction instrument to chords, singing and strumming.
We will learn to read basic tabs, some note reading basic chords, to inspire playing your own songs and some simple favorites.
Ages 6 and up

Cost for the 4 week session of each class is $50 per child. ( $12 per class plus $2 for copies/music).
You need to bring your own ukulele to this class.

Thank you and looking forward to a fun time of music making!

June Family Shows at the McCallum in Palm Desert

It’s called “McCallum Theatre Institute’s 2016 Summer Session Festival” and has three shows, June 13, 15, and 17th, 2016. Tickets run from $10 to $15 for each show or $35 for all three. What a great way to start the summer off and introduce the family to the performing arts!

“In 2-1/2 weeks the McCallum Theatre Institute presents 3 unique live shows, allowing our educational partners to cool off at the McCallum with performances that feed the soul and awaken the imagination!

Monday, June 13, 2016 at 3pm – Miwa Matreyek – This is the first time that this LA-based multi-media performance artist has presented her amazing visual art at the McCallum Theatre!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 3pm – The Okee Dokee Brothers – A hearty welcome back to the McCallum stage for one of our field trip favourites!

Friday, June 17, 2016 at 3pm – “Walking the Tightrope” returns to the McCallum after a successful Aesthetic Education Program unit-of-study during the 2014-15 school year.

Tickets are very reasonably priced for family and friends to enjoy an afternoon previewing shows that will be featured on the 2016-17 Aesthetic Education Program.

This is also a sensibly priced opportunity for a really fun afternoon of live entertainment for visiting house guests who feel that it is too hot to sit by the pool and there’s “nothing on any of the 150 channels on TV.”

Go to the site and research the performances so that you know what you’re watching and can answer the basic questions your kids will ask. Look into theater etiquette too. It’s a little different than going to the movies! And, of course, there is always the tradition “after show dinner”. Going out to eat, even just for coffee and dessert gives us a chance to talk about what we liked and didn’t like about the performance while it’s still fresh in our minds.