Singing Classes Offered in the Palm Springs Area

Gwen King teaches singing classes for homeschoolers in Palm Springs and surrounding areas (30-mile radius)!

Her six-week singing class, “Learn to Sing” which she has taught dozens of times, introduces children ages 6 to 11 to the basics of vocal technique. Each week children learn and apply different vocal techniques to a song the whole class is working on. Then they perform it in a workshop style performance for family and friends. She holds the classes at a homeschoolers home. The host gets discounted or free classes depending on the number of participants.

She also teaches a 12-week vocal performance class for ages 12-17 which includes a public performance. Feel free to call or text her at 805 204-1165 or email her at She’ll happily answer any questions about the classes and how you can host one.

Friday’s at Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym

Come climb with a great group of Homeschool families every Friday from 11am – 1pm. All ages are welcome to come with a parent.

Only $10 per child for climbing and equipment!

Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym
19160 McLane Street
North Palm Springs. (760) 671-1101

Desert Rocks’ Special Offer for Local Homeschoolers!

Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym in North Palm Springs has a great new offer for local homeschoolers! Bring the kids for some indoor climbing fun on weekdays between 11am and 1pm for a reduced rate. See the flyer below for details! This is a great deal for those just wanting to try it out or see what this climbing thing is all about. For those that decide they’d like to make a regular thing, Family Memberships are available that allow you to use the gym anytime of the week! For some Public Charter School members, Desert Rocks is a vendor. Check your school, or ask Desert Rocks staff if you can use your school funds to pay for your child’s membership. The homeschooler drop in rate does not qualify.

Indoor rock climbing is a great sport! It builds strength, balance, and confidence in a relatively safe environment. For homeschool parents, it’s a boon! Older kids can climb and play while Mom’s can tend to babies. There are inherent dangers in this kind of climbing, so we do need to stay on top of the kids so that they don’t get hurt, but the staff at Desert Rocks is there to help us learn what is safe and what isn’t. It’s indoors, clean, friendly, AND has a bathroom. What else can a family ask for?! Tell your friends and pick a day for your homeschool group to gather there.

If you’d like some special instruction for you and/or your kids, Desert Rocks staff will offer extra help on Thursday’s during the homeschool time. The more people that show up for this time, the more they will be willing to offer extra things for us, like climbing instruction and maybe even a Mom’s group! My kids have been climbing for about a year now and just recently I gave in and tried it myself. I love it! It’s a great family activity that we enjoy several times a week.

My kids have been climbing for about a year now and just recently I gave in and tried it myself. I love it! It’s a great family activity that we enjoy several times a week. I hope you’ll join us!

Desert Rocks HS Flyer

Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum

Have you been here? My sons have always been interested in airplanes of all kinds. This museum gives them the chance to see many of them up close and even talk to many of the men and women that have flown them! The museum is open daily and costs about $15 per person to check it out. We found it very much worth the cost. If you think you might go more than twice in one year, check out a family membership. Memberships to museums are great to have because it takes the tension off of everyone to get as much as they can out of the museum in one day. If the kids are only interested in one plane all day or just wandering through in an hour, you’re not going to be so upset about missing out and having to pay to get in again. You can come back again and again and take your time. It’s also a great way to get to know some of the docents that spend a lot of time there!

There are also education tours available and it’s on my agenda for the next “school year” to put one together for our area, so stay tuned!

Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Competition – June 4

classic-rock-posterThis looks like a fun event!

Check out Desert Rocks in North Palm Springs.