Hey, folks!

This website needs to go through some changes, so I won’t be blogging on a regular basis here anymore. My goal at first was to have a web-based place to find things to do in the area, for those that don’t want to follow social media. But, since I’m not homeschooling my own children anymore and have moved on to other things, I’m just not in the loop to keep that kind of blog going. So, this site will have to change a bit.

For now, it will stay static. There will be links to information about how to get started, forms you can use for your own homeschool, and contact info in case you want to talk to a live person.

Privately homeschooling our children has changed all our lives for the better. I want to share that with the world, but I’m starting to think the only way I can do that effectively is by watching our kids move out into the world and be awesome humans.

I’m still here, so if you want help or have questions, please send me an email. I’d be happy to chat!