CHN’s Family Expo in June!

California Homeschool Network’s “Family Expo” is being held in June in Pomona this year! This is a homeschool conference my family has been going to for years. This year we can’t attend due to a schedule conflict, but I want to be sure everyone knows about it.

The first year I went alone. I paid for the weekend and only went one day, Saturday. It was so worth it to see so many families in different stages, doing the same thing I was thinking about doing. Homeschooling was completely foreign to me and this conference made it feel like was joining a special community of amazing people. The following year I took my husband with me. Again we only went the one day since we didn’t have the money to stay in the hotel over the weekend, but it was still very much worth registration fee just for that one day. For years after that, we went as a family and stayed the weekend. I volunteered to help in places and my kids loved staying at the hotel, being a part of this wonderful group of people. My parents and grandparents have visited while we were there. It really brought our family together and set our hearts and minds at ease when we were first starting out.

It’s more than just speakers and a vendor hall, this conference is more like community and support building on a grand scale. It’s put on by one of our statewide non-profits and completely done by volunteers. I highly recommend attending, especially if you are new to homeschooling!

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