Free Forms for Private Schools

All private schools in the state of California keep similar records, whether they are big brick and mortar schools or small home based family ones. I created these files myself and have used them to keep school records for my own kids. You’re welcome to use them!

Student Records

Enrollment Form PhotoAn enrollment form has all the information a private school needs to keep about each of its students in one place. On the bottom of this one is a checklist of the forms that back up the information collected. Legally, you don’t need this form. You only need to have information contained it. A copy of a birth certificate and health forms would do. But I like to look just like the bigger private schools so I created this for each of my students.

Click to Download the Enrollment Form


Report Card PhotoPrivate schools don’t legally have to keep a record of grades but they do need to keep a record of entering/leaving dates each year and the subjects taken each year. A report card is an easy way to keep that record even if you don’t give grades for your kids. This one has room for comments and a grade scale is included. You can edit it easily to reflect your own.

Click to Download the Simple Report Card


HS Transcript with Grades Photo

High School brings with it the need for transcripts! I have created one with a space for grades and one with space for only credits.

I wrote a post about creating report cards and transcripts here.

Click here to Download the Transcripts with Credits Template
Click here to Download the Transcripts with Grades Template

Attendance Photo

You’ll also need an attendance record for each student. A printed calendar will serve the purpose but if you’d like an “official” looking one, you’re welcome to use this one. It’s good for any year.

Click here to Download the Attendance Record


It isn’t required but at our school, I kept a list of books we’d read each month in each child’s file. Click here to Download the Reading List

School Records

Each private school needs to keep a copy of their Private School Affidavit along with a Course of Study for each grade offered and a list of faculty and their qualifications.

Educator Enrollment PhotoThis is the “official” form I created for my school and you’re welcome to use it.

Click here to Download the Faculty Roster & Qualifications Form



A “Course of Study” isn’t a form to fill out but I did write a post about how to create one for your school. You can read more about that here.