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This page is a work in progress and I decided to go ahead and put up what I have and keep adding as I go instead of waiting for it to be complete. I’m kinda slow sometimes!

So you think you’d like to homeschool your kids? Where to start really depends on a few things. We all end up in the “How to Get Started” camp learning the same things about legalities and planning. Those pages are located here. But the first step is different depending on where you are on the map of parenting!

Are your kids under “school age”?

If you are the parent of preschool age kids and you’re looking to the future for your youngsters, congratulations! It’s a pretty nice place to be. You have plenty of time to do some research and figure out what path you want to start down but that doesn’t mean you won’t change your mind a million times before your kids become “school age” and a million times more once you’ve started to homeschool. Homeschooling is ultimately about taking charge of your family and your own education is where to start. As you learn more and more about parenting and education options and styles, you will inevitably evolve and become a different person. It’s a pretty awesome journey!

Click here for a list of great sites and books to start you on your journey.

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Are your kids currently enrolled in a school?

Are your kids in elementary school?

Are your kids in middle or high school?

Are your kids safe and happy at their current school but you’re looking for more than what you currently have?

Are your kids unsafe or unhappy at their current school and you’d like a change right now?
Here are a few great pages that have loads of information about what you need to get started homeschooling in California.

Diane Flynn Keith’s website “Homefires” has a page dedicated to Getting Started in California.

California Homeschool Network – How to Homeschool Page

HomeSchool Association of California – Getting Started Page

Christian Home Educators Association of California – Getting Started Page