Legal Options

Private School Options

Create your own Private School

This is the option that gives you the most control and responsibility over your child’s education. Here are some links to sites with details about how to start. It sounds more difficult than it really is and when you’re doing it, it feels too easy. But it is very satisfying and it does work!

HSC – Establishing Your Own Private School
CHN – Just the Facts

Enroll in Private Satellite Program (PSP)

Religious and secular private schools sometimes have an independent study program. You pay them and enroll your child in their school.

“Brick and Mortar” religious and secular private schools sometimes have an independent study program you can enroll in. And there are private schools that exist solely as “home study” programs you can pay to keep your records and help with curriculum, record keeping, lesson planning, and community. You pay them and would be enrolled in their school.

There is a list of some that enroll children from our area on our Public and Private Homeschool Options page.

Public School Options

Public School Independent Study

Your local public school district may have an independent study program. These programs are an extension of your public school district and only those within the district are allowed to enroll. Some advantages to enrolling are that you are allowed to participate in the school’s sports, arts, and other programs at the school.

The Morongo Basin School District has an independent study program called the Student Achievement Center.

Public School Non-Classroom Based Charter School (Virtual Student)

Charter schools are schools paid by the state to offer a free public education to families located in their county. These schools are free to the enroll and need to follow the same general guidelines as the public school in your district.

If you choose to enroll in one of these schools you are considered a public school student and that school will answer all your questions about enrollment, curriculum, and community.

There are many different charter schools that service our area. All of them are slightly different and have offerings from a completely online classroom to choosing your own curriculum from their library. You need to research each one to find the one that will best fit your family’s education style and temperament.

There is an extensive list of available charter schools listed by county on Ann Zeise’s website A to Z Home’s Cool. If you’d like to ask questions and talk about the differences between schools and what they offer, there is a Facebook group called So Cal Charter School Info Group you can join.

Credentialed Teacher

Another way to satisfy the requirement is to hire a credentialed teacher for the grade your child is in to tutor your child at home. This teacher must teach at least three hours a day, 175 days a year to qualify. This option is generally used by child actors on set, although it is perfectly legal for a parent to hire a teacher to educate their children.