“Homeschool News” is going Online!

A group of awesome people started a paper called “Homeschool News” and now their paper is going online. Kids from around the world are welcome to submit articles and artwork online. Check them out at Homeschool News!

I always loved the idea of having a group of kids coming up with a printed “school” newspaper to hand out to friends and family. How could we make that happen in our area? The Hi-Desert Star prints right here in Yucca Valley. Last year we took a tour of their shop! I wonder what the cost would be to run off a real printed paper? Would there be enough kids in our area that would like to meet regularly to come up with articles? Research and investigate? Might be fun! I started to look at online journalism classes and my brain started running around with it. I wonder if there is someone who might want to do a journalism workshop around here?

What about a family paper? Something simple, like a newsletter that each family member contributes to and sends out to family members.

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