Making it “Count”

I heard someone say that they decided that a homeschool charter program would be better than a traditional public school because then the soccer team that their child was on would “count” as P.E. I’ve heard this a lot among homeschoolers over the years. This kind of learning or that doesn’t “count” for school. But it seems so strange to me. Does it “count” for education? To me, everything counts for education, every moment of my day, even my restful cup of tea and tv show in the afternoon.

When we tell children to read this book instead of doing this thing because it “counts” for school, we are teaching them that they should only do the things that someone else has deemed important. We are teaching them to ignore their inner desires and needs and put an authority’s list first. It translates all over their lives and eventually they will search for doing what counts for something instead of what is right or good for them and their families.

Recently, I saw a cartoon on Facebook of a woman in bed and her husband asking her to go for a morning walk with him. She said she couldn’t because her FitBit was still charging and the steps wouldn’t count. It was supposed to be funny and absurd, but this is exactly what we teach our children through 12 years of schooling, that only counts if an authority sees it and deems it good.

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