Private School Affidavit

If you’ve decided to comply with California’s compulsory education law by filing with the state as a small private school this year, you’ve already started homeschooling by naming your school, gathering the documents you are required to keep, and enrolling your children at your new school. The last thing you need to do to be in compliance is to file the Private School Affidavit with the California Department of Education. The filing period starts on October 1st and ends on October 15th.

On October 1st, the link on the CDE‘s website will work and you can follow the directions there to complete the online form and print ( you NEED to print it and keep it in your schools files) the confirmation they give you.

Statewide groups like CHN and HSC will have special links with line by line directions to follow. They have to wait until the state puts up the form, go through it to see if there are any changes, and then put up a link to help anyone through the from. If you’re worried that it might be challenging or time consuming, put those thoughts aside. They only thing you should be prepared for is an internet connection, ink in your printer, and your school name.

The beginning of our school year is always August 1st. I switch out the old attendance sheet for the new year, print out a new course of study for each of my kids, and that’s about it. I look at what we might be doing that year. There are always loads of field trips being organized in the Fall. Homeschool days at museums and amusement parks are announced. My kids and I have a “meeting” we do about every three months where we discuss what they may be interested in learning. Are there any classes they might want to take? Skills they think might be interesting? Books they’d like to read?

But October 1st is when our school is official for me. I know the PSA a statistics gathering tool for the CDE and that it doesn’t grant me permission or license to school at home, but it feels official and it’s the last official school stuff I need to do for the year. It’s kind of a rite of passage I look forward to every year.

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