Strange New Technology!

I’m about to burst with the awesomeness that has just entered my home through the miracle of technology! My husband got an Amazon Firestick for the enormous TV we got last year and I was a bit disappointed with it until now. Most of the movies and TV shows I wanted to watch were not included with our Amazon Prime account, so I’d have to pay extra for them and we already have Netflix. Netflix is an amazing resource for homeschoolers and worth every penny, by the way. Last month I heard about “The Great Courses Plus”. You can pay a monthly fee and watch all kinds of lectures on academic subjects. The one that got me interested in it was “Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths of Language Usage”. My sons are both very interested in language and thought this would be a great class to listen to together. I thought we could watch it on the computer together but then I found out you can watch it through an app on the Firestick! On my big TV! I didn’t even know there were “apps” on this thing! This is a game changer! And then I started scrolling through the other classes and found a bunch of other stuff I NEED to watch like “Economics of Uncertainty” and “Game Theory”. Oh my goodness, I love learning and I love this new high tech world!

Here’s the break down.

Internet access: $50 a month (for us, used by everyone for everything)

Amazon Prime: $8.50 a month (free shipping from Amazon, yes please!)

Amazon Firestick: $50 one time

The Great Courses Plus: $20 a month (cheaper if you pay for a year in advance)

I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable amount of money for some wonderful benefits! One of the benefits of homeschooling is that the parents get to educate themselves and introduce their kids to subjects they wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. I don’t mean that I will make them watch the “Rise and Fall of China” and quiz them after every lecture. That’s a sure fire way to kill any interest in a subject! But I do ask for some personal time on the TV to watch what I’d like to watch and since the computers are in the livingroom as well, they can play Minecraft or Kerbal Space while I watch. Sometimes they get sucked into what I’m watching and great discussion ensues. Sometimes they are bored with the subject and tune it out. Either way is good for all of us!

So, if you’re looking for me this summer, I’ll be on the couch with swamp cooler blowing directly on me and my popcorn, watching university lectures!

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