There are two statewide groups available in California, both of which have great information about the legalities of homeschooling, articles, and support for general questions.

Both groups have Yahoo and Facebook pages for asking questions and finding information for free, as well as local contacts to call and chat with. They have annual conferences, camping trips, and other fun stuff. And they will answer legal questions and watch legislation for us, all for FREE.

These groups are a wonderful resource for everyone in California wanting information about homeschooling. We don’t need to be paying members to benefit from what their volunteers do, but it does cost them money to keep the websites up, pay for insurance, and fund outreach events that let people know the benefits of homeschooling. If you feel you have benefited from that and you want them to continue their work, please consider becoming a paying member.

I think of it like this. I found homeschooling to be life changing for our family. I hope other families searching for a change can find it as well, including the parents of my children’s future spouse, employer, or best friend. Help share the love!

California Homeschool Network

Homeschool Association of California