Private Homeschool Options

If you find yourself completely overwhelmed by the idea of homeschooling under the Private School laws on your own but you really want to stay out of the public school system, there are a few other options. A Private School Satellite Program (PSP) is a either a brick and mortar private school with an independent study program or a private school “umbrella” created as a business to help you homeschool. You pay them and they do the filing and record keeping. Some do more and some do less, all want to help you educate your kids outside of state control. They can help you with curriculum choices and meeting up with other homeschoolers too!

Private School Satellite Programs (PSP)

Excellence in Education Academy
Veteran homeschooling parents located in Monrovia offer PSP (Private School S atellite Program). You can school at home under their umbrella school and they keep your records, offer guidance, field trips, and other help. The school itself is outside our area but they have students all over California and are willing to work with you over the phone and email to help you.

Talega Preparatory Academy
They will enroll students from all over California and would be happy to have
families in our area join them!

Enrollment may be handled online or through regular mail. Directions and
all forms needed to complete the registration process by may be found on
their website. They offer a professional transcript and diploma for high school students and are happy to help families in any way.

Peach Blossom School
Peach Blossom School is a private school offering a flexible K-12 Home Education Program for homeschooling families throughout California. California Department of Education CDS #43694276139869

Peach Blossom School provides legal enrollment, record-keeping, guidance, counsel, and encouragement to families who are directing their children’s learning outside of a traditional school environment. Director Stephanie Hood has been a CA credentialed teacher for over 25 years, and an active volunteer and mentor in the homeschool community since 2002. At Peach Blossom School, the parent is the teacher. Parents are able to select curriculum and requirements best suited for their own children. This may include outside classes at learning centers and community colleges, as well as online classes, independent study, or parent-taught courses. Peach Blossom School also supports families who choose unschooling or delight-directed learning. Each family has the independence to create a learning environment that best nurtures their children’s interests, talents, and learning styles.
Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel
Homeschool Program (PSP)
Contact Gabriel Hammet at

Desert Christian Private School Satellite Program
Do you need a PSP? Here are some things a PSP may help you with:
– Filing legal paperwork and record keeping
– Compiling an official transcript for college entrance
– Interpreting test scores
– Helping with class and curriculum selection
– Helping you navigate the latest changes in educational laws
– Acting as your schooling “umbrella”
– Giving moral support!

$30 per month per family includes all of the above and more.
Private Tutoring sessions also available for an extra fee.
Contact Lyndi Ruzicka at for more information.