Comic Books or Graphic Novels?

I never gave much thought to the genre of graphic novels until recently. I put them aside as childish. After all, I read classic literature. I don’t have time for silliness like that. But my mind has been opened!

Our family really likes to watch “Walking Dead”. We watch, we pause, we argue, we discuss, we watch again. The show gives us loads of great philosophical material to go over. And we do the same with millions of other viewers online. Last year I found a book called “Philosophy and the Walking Dead” and I HAD to have it. It turned out to be an amazing book and confirmed or backed up a lot of the conversations we had about the show. But that book kept comparing the show to the graphic novel and I had never read it, so I had to get one and see what they were talking about. And I couldn’t just buy one, I went ahead and bought the compendium of the first group of books.

I started reading it one afternoon and was quickly sucked in. Totally different than anything I’ve ever read. No, the language is not the most difficult or challenging at all, but the pictures share so much more than I thought they would. Your eyes scan over the pages, picking up the dialogue while being pulled into the artwork. Soon it starts to come alive. The world disappears around you and you’re in the story. It was that good!

So I’ve changed my mind about the genre completely. It just goes to show you that there is more art out there to see, no matter how hard you’ve been looking or searching for more. It is there. Sometimes we close our minds to new things even before we know we’re doing it.

I wouldn’t suggest Walking Dead for young readers. It’s pretty graphic and horrible. But I’m sure there are others out there. Today I came across this blog post about comics for early readers that might lead you in the right direction. And I’d highly recommend parents find some that might peak their interest and give it a try. I was amazed and can’t wait to get more!