“Kitchen Table Math”?

I found a great resource for homeschool math yesterday. It’s called, “Dr. Wright’s Kitchen Table Math”. It’s not curriculum. It’s several books about games and things you can do to promote mathematical thinking. It’s stuff that we, as parents that most likely learned math at school, probably wouldn’t even see as “math”. The site also has a resource list of reading books and games. Using something like this could be used as your math resource if you are privately homeschooling. You don’t need to be doing worksheets and abstract math in elementary school. And since there are no other kids your child’s age at your school, unless you have twins, there is no “behind”.


Check out this cool website called “Ask a Biologist”!

There are loads of interesting articles to read and a page called “activities” that has puzzles, coloring pages, and games.

How can you use this in your “homeschool”? At our house, I’d explore the site and share things I found interesting over the course of a couple weeks. I’d print some of the coloring pages or word searches and leave them on the coffee or dinner table. If they find it interesting, they’ll look into it more. If they don’t, we’ll move on. I may bring it up again in a few weeks to see if anything strikes their fancy. Even if they don’t have an interest at all, at least they know that sites like this exist and that “biology” is a science!

World Idle Game

My sons play this game all the time. I thought they were reading an article, not playing a game, but when my youngest explained it to me I was fascinated and (I’ll admit) a little bit bored. I’m not one for text games. I’m older, yes, and those games were popular among the nerd elite when I was a kid, but I never played them. I’d rather have read a book or gone roller skating! But my sons both seem to really enjoy this game, so I thought I’d pass it along to share their joy. I hope you like it!


“Build buildings to produce resources. After you have enough people you can gather an army and send your people to war to create even bigger empire.”