Town Council Meeting – Yucca Valley

What’s Jr. High or High School without civics, right?! And what’s a better way to take a look at local government than to attend a town council meeting? It may be far more interesting than a book or website! For those living in Yucca Vally, next week there will be a “State of the Town Address” at the regular Town Council meeting. Take the family and listen to what they have to say. Bring a notebook and take a few notes about what goes on and things you think about while you’re listening. It’d be great if the kids did as well! Then go out for dinner afterward and talk about it. What is the role of government in your town? Do you have a council or a board? Do you have a town constitution? These are things you can look up before the meeting. You can also do a bit of research about your town. When did it become a town or city? What is the procedure for doing that? When I moved to a small town from the city, I was amazed that there were still “unincorporated” areas of our county. I grew up in the city and just assumed the whole country operated the same way. Looking into your own town’s government and policies is a great way to start learning about civics!

From Yucca Valley’s website:

“Join Mayor Leone for the 2016 State of the Town Address being presented on Tuesday, November 15th at 6:00 p.m. in the Yucca Valley Community Center Yucca Room.

Mayor Leone and the Town Council will provide highlights of the past year, as well as a look ahead to upcoming opportunities and challenges.

The State of the Town Address is being held in conjunction with the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting. Light refreshments will be served.”

Reading Group

Do you belong to a book club or a reading group? It’s been one of my lifelong goals to have a regularly meeting reading group that gets together and talks about the books they are reading over tea. I’ve been trying to make that happen this year and I’m sure it will build momentum when the weather cools, but then again why not now while the heat is on and there is really nothing else we’d rather do than sit indoors?

My ideal group has all ages in it. Moms and Dads, Grandparents, Young Adults, Teens, and small children tagging along because Mom wants to go. There would be a pile of quiet games and toys for uninterested kids to play with while we chat, maybe even some cookies and juice boxes. We’d talk about whatever books we were reading the past few weeks and share the insights we’d found. We’d find new ideas in other people’s choices and they’d find books they didn’t know existed from ours. Just think of the perspective we’d all get hearing about the books other age groups read and what makes them so wonderful. The younger (even uninterested) kids would learn so much just by being in the presence of such sharing about literature and probably want to join in from time to time. Novels, non-fiction, biography, inspirational, anything goes in my group.

Do you have this? Do you want it? Or would you like to try it? I’ll be posting invites to mine from time to time, especially in our local homeschool group. If you’re not nearby, why not start one of your own?