Dino Fest & Homeschool Days at the Natural History Museum

This looks like loads of fun for Dino-loving people! The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has announced Dino Fest on September 24th & 25th. Check their site for details about the day’s offering. Tickets run from $5 to $12 per person. There is a parking fee as well. You can pre-order tickets online.

This year’s “Homeschool Days” have also been announced! These events are free but there is a charge for parking. Get there early and explore. Bring a lunch and then wander the Rose Garden!

Thursday, September 29 – The Wonderful World of Pterosaurs
Wednesday, February 1 – The Art of Science
Monday, April 24 – Plants and Pollinators
Tuesday, June 13 – Extreme Mammals

Don’t want to drive to LA? Post to a local group, or grab a homeschool friend, see about maybe renting a car for the drive. Get there! It’s so worth it!


Malki Museum’s Fall Gathering – October

Mark your calendar’s for the Malki Museum’s Fall Gathering. Details are in the photo below and on their website.



Civil War Reenactment in Perris

Here’s an amazing living history opportunity coming up on May 21 & 22 at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA! The Civil War period of American history was a fascinating time. The people who put on these reenactments love their history and love talking about it. This one is coming up in a bit more than a week, so you have time to read a short book or watch a movie about the time. That will give you a heads up on what you’ll be experiencing in Perris!

My sons loved “Rifles for Watie” by Harold Keith when they were about 10 years old. It says the book is for teens and young adults, but we read aloud together and they truly loved the story. It is a war book, so more sensitive youngsters might find the story troublesome. “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane is another awesome story. Perris is about an hour and a half way from our part of the desert. You could find an audible file of the story and listen to it on the way there and on the way home!

It also looks like there are a lot of Civil War video, card, and board games available on Amazon. My sons had the XBOX one and enjoyed playing it. They said loading the guns and cannons was the part that really got them. It really slowed down the battle and gave them way too many places to get killed. I can’t imagine fighting like they did!

If the war aspect isn’t your thing, there will be a civilian camp at the reenactment with women and children. Why would they be there you ask? They have the answers and it’s not just because the reenactors thought it would be fun.

Also, don’t miss a ride on the big steam train around the grounds. The engineers love talking about their engines!


Malki Museum – Banning

Want to learn more about the Native Americans that call the desert their home? Here’s something interesting to check out in Banning! The Malki Museum on the Morongo Reservation. They have their annual Kewet Celebration coming up in May. And they even offer classes in the Cahuilla language. Like their Facebook Page to keep up to date with their events.

Hi-Desert Nature Museum

I love our little museum in town! There’s a little something for everyone in there. Recently I opened our Recreation Newsletter to find that they have a display of World War II posters called “Convincing a Nation” right now. We’ll be checking that out for sure. It will be another great bit to hang on the WWII hook in their minds. We’ll have hours of conversation about it. Hopefully Dad will have time to come with us.

They also have small critters, books, rocks, and local information all year around. They have classes, events, and tours for groups, too. Go check them out and often! If you’re coming from outside Yucca Valley, it’s a great place to stop and check out on your way to Joshua Tree National Park.

Hi-Desert Nature Museum