Riley’s Stone Soup Farm Homeschool Day

There’s another Homeschool Day coming up in Oak Glen! Riley’s Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Farm has announced its own Homeschool Day, October 6 & November 9th.  For more information and to make your own reservations, click HERE!

Riley’s Farm Homeschool Days!

Here is a great “Not Back to School” activity for the whole family! Young kids, older kids? First year? Preschool aged kids and just considering homeschooling? This might be just the kind of event that can show you (and your kids) how much more fun homeschooling can be!

Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen has it’s annual homeschool days ready for sign up on their website! Scroll down a bit on their main page for dates and an online reservation form. Click HERE for information about what the “tour” entails.

Living History at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen – July

The Colonial Faire at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, four weekends in July!

Here’s a chance to see what it was like to live in Colonial times! Oak Glen is a beautiful place and not that far of a drive from the desert for a weekend of living history. This event is on weekends in July, so you have plenty of time to read a story or watch a movie to give you a clue as to the era of our country’s history. I’ve always found that knowing  a little bit about the time really gives our kids some hooks in their mind to hang the information they find at an event like this. So run to the library for some books, add a movie to your Netflix cue, or find an interactive website about colonial times!

Events lik these are great additions to your child’s education. Yes, the event cost some money, but all the education leading up to that moment can be practically free. The links above can lead you to an entire semester of American history. Homeschooling could look like this. First, you and the kids run to the library and spend a day talking to the librarian and picking out books, picture books and “discovery” books the kids will love and a more difficult book for a read aloud time with the family. There may also be movies available at the library. If you have Netflix or some other form of movie rental, watch seom tv shows and movies together based or set in the time. And introduce the kids to some interactive websites about the time. They’ll be playing games and reading all afternoon!

Get your tickets to the fair before June 1st for a good sized discount. Invite Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, or some friends to come with you and make it a family adventure. The fair is packed with intersting demonstrations and shows.

Most likely, the learning won’t end there. The era is fascinating when presented this way and not in a textbook. And it’s not just history you’ll be learning; literature, science, health, math, and home economics are all strewn throughout life when you study this way. There’s really no end to where you can go from here!