“Homeschool News” is going Online!

A group of awesome people started a paper called “Homeschool News” and now their paper is going online. Kids from around the world are welcome to submit articles and artwork online. Check them out at Homeschool News!

I always loved the idea of having a group of kids coming up with a printed “school” newspaper to hand out to friends and family. How could we make that happen in our area? The Hi-Desert Star prints right here in Yucca Valley. Last year we took a tour of their shop! I wonder what the cost would be to run off a real printed paper? Would there be enough kids in our area that would like to meet regularly to come up with articles? Research and investigate? Might be fun! I started to look at online journalism classes and my brain started running around with it. I wonder if there is someone who might want to do a journalism workshop around here?

What about a family paper? Something simple, like a newsletter that each family member contributes to and sends out to family members.


Does anyone still learn Latin? I was surprised when my then thirteen-year-old asked me about learning Latin. He thought it looked like it would help him understand English better. I think he read somewhere that it would be a good place to start learning other languages. He really enjoyed the program we got because it wasn’t just learning the words. It had a lot of history along with it.

We bought the online version that you could print the pages you needed as you went along and really enjoyed that. My son was always overwhelmed at the sight of a large book of print when he was younger. He knew he didn’t need to complete it. And he knew that it was up to him how long he wanted to stick with it, but he having the book there in his sight made him feel anxious. He didn’t even like coloring books when he was younger because he felt compelled to complete them even though he didn’t really like coloring. I’m happy to report he grew out of that. He’s almost sixteen now has large books sitting on his nightstand that he reads a bit from every night. And he is perfectly capable of taking apart a big project and doing a little at time. But I digress! I was able to print out a couple pages at a time this way and it gave him a chance to practice writing a bit as well.

The program we used was called Lively Latin. The author of the program was a homeschooler herself. I met her once at a homeschool conference after my son had been using her program for about a year. She was so friendly, one of those people you feel like you already know when you meet them.

Here are some articles about why you should, or should not learn Latin. Do some research and decide for yourselves. I know we had a great time learning it together! It’s come in handy learning other languages and at museums. And it’s entertaining to harass each other about using Latin words in games like Scrabble!

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