Printers Fair in Los Angeles

The International Printers Museum in Los Angeles is hosting it’s 8th annual Printers Fair on October 1st! Check out their website HERE for details on the fair.

The museum is only open on Saturday’s but they are open by reservation Tuesday through Friday. It also looks like they have some wonderful interactive tours! If you’d like to book one and invite people to join you to make the minimum number of students, we’d be happy to promote your tour for you here and on Facebook. Just send us an email about it to


Paper Toys!

Now here’s something fun to do on rainy days or super hot ones in our neck of the woods! A whole website of printable paper toys! Be sure to Paypal Donate a couple dollars if you decide to print these regularly. The site offers them for free but you know they put a lot of work into having them there for you. Be cool and help them keep going!

One of the best things a homeschooler can invest in is a black and white laser printer. It sounds more expensive than it is really. I got a Dell 1110 8 years ago on Amazon for $200 and have loved it. The toner is pretty cheap if you buy refurbished and it doesn’t dry up between printings. Rarely did we ever really need anything in color and when we did we just ran down to the office supply with the document on a thumb drive to print it. Color laser printers are much more expensive!