Farm CAMP?!

I found out about this from my “Mary Janes Farm” magazine today! Exciting! My boys aren’t interested because it has nothing to with dirt bikes, engines, or other physics-related activities, but I sure wish they had a day camp for Moms!

It’s located in Cherry Valley at the Highland Springs Resort – Home of the Lavender Festival! It’s called 123 Farm. Check their website for lots of details and plenty of beautiful pictures that make you want to throw your money down.

It’s a “camp”, meaning the kids spend the week there and it’s a bit pricey. How does a homeschooler work up that kind of money for an experience? You could use a site like “GoFundMe” to raise money from friends and family in the form of monetary gifts, or maybe have a bake sale for friends and family! Get the kids involved in a brain storming meeting about whether or not they’d like to go to a camp like this and how the family can raise money, budget, and plan for it together. There’s a plethora of learning right there before you even sign up to go!