New Resource for Non-Vaccinating Families

I’ve experienced a huge jump in numbers of people joining our local homeschool group due to the new law passed this year regarding mandatory vaccinations to attend public school. Most of these people are parents of pre-school age children looking into their options for education in the future.

There are new websites popping up all over the internet about how to “get around” the new law, some of them have good information and some are not so good. There are different people trying to make sense of the new law and how it will apply to each of us. I’d say all of them have the best intentions. The best advice I have for anyone looking into homeschooling as a way to satisfy the compulsory education laws without vaccinating their kids is to look to the large statewide homeschool advocacy groups for help. CHN and HSC are non-profit groups that have been helping people comply with the law for many years. They have “experts” and veterans of homeschooling keeping track of the changes and advising people about how best to stay legal and get the best education for their kids.

A new website popped up this week that seems to have good, concise information about how to legally homeschool in California. It’s called sb277 Homeschool. I’ve read some of the website and I plan on watching her videos. I’ll check that information against what the statewide groups are saying and what the law says. That’s what we all should do. Don’t take one person’s word for what is right to do. Anyone can put up a website and claim to know the answers, but if what they are saying checks out against other sources, it’s most likely true. And in legal cases, it’s may be true only for the moment.