I used to love origami when I was a kid. I had a little book of about ten different things to make and I made them over and over again, armies of birds and frogs!

Today was the last day of the first session of our homeschool group’s “enrichment meetings” and I decided try some origami out with the kids. Personally, I think it went over pretty well!

First we talked a bit about origami. I found this awesome article online about Origami & Math. It has great basic information that got me thinking and some links to books and other sites. We had talked a little about topology earlier in the session and I was thinking origami was topology…I was right! I love the connections I find when learning naturally.

I found a great list of step-by-step instructions on Origami Instructions (clever site name). It has videos as well. These really helped me because sometimes I just can’t see how they went from one picture to the next no matter how hard I try. Another great site I found was Origami Resource Center. I liked the way they organized their instructions, but they don’t have videos. I’m sure if you went to YouTube and searched for the one you wanted to do, someone has made a video of it!

I decided to show them how to make a jumping frog. Action ones are so much more fun! After we made them, we raced them across the table two at a time until we had an ultimate winner. It was pretty exciting. Then we hopped each one across the table and wrote down how many hops it took for each frog. We wrote it all down and found the median and the average number of hops.

It was an hour of fun! I want to sit and make an army of frogs now, but dinner needs to be made for my family.