Music Classes in July – Yucca Valley

Local music teacher, Debbi, will be offering two classes in July! For more information, please email I will forward your message to her as soon as I get it.

1) Introduction to Music
This class will offer basics in note reading, rhythm and writing your own songs.
Kids will get an opportunity to try out several instruments such as violin, piano, ukulele, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and drums.
Age range: 6 and up
Goal: To introduce music and inspire kids to find their inner musician.

2) Introduction to Ukulele
Easier and cheaper than guitar, ukulele is a good introduction instrument to chords, singing and strumming.
We will learn to read basic tabs, some note reading basic chords, to inspire playing your own songs and some simple favorites.
Ages 6 and up

Cost for the 4 week session of each class is $50 per child. ( $12 per class plus $2 for copies/music).
You need to bring your own ukulele to this class.

Thank you and looking forward to a fun time of music making!

Grubstake Days! – Yucca Valley

Events like this make living here such a joy! Grubstake Days had become a thing of the past the last few years but a small group of residents decided that just wasn’t right and have revived the weekend festivities celebrating our area’s heritage and bringing back a sense of community. Come watch the parade, participate in horseshoes, cheer on the rodeo, and play at the carnival! There’s so much more too!

Is this homeschool related? Of course, it is! Things like this are what make family memories and that is what home education is really about, building family and community on the small scale and giving our country the strong base to build on and change the world. Where better to learn a bit about our local history than a Heritage Day celebration? Where better to meet the community and know our neighbors than a town parade and pancake breakfast? The best part about this particular festival is that it really is a “local” and “grassroots” thing. The community wanted it. A citizen took charge. And through the glories of human ingenuity and social media, Grubstakes Days has been reborn!

Take the family out this weekend, buy some cotton candy, and show your support. The more people that attend, the bigger it will be next year!