Winter Break

It’s that time of year folks! You know. The time of year when we all get overwhelmed with party planning for all the holidays; shopping, cleaning, decorating, etc. Add to that we’re supposed to be educating our children as well, right? Many times I’ve had homeschool families look for help at this time of year. I hear “I can’t do it all!” and “The kids are just watching TV all day because I’m too busy getting ready for the next holiday party!” “How can we get ‘school’ work done AND get ready?!” My answer to most, especially private homeschoolers is “Why not stop traditional lessons for the time being? Why not plan into your year two whole months off from the curriculum or classes you’re using?” We don’t need to do things the way schools do. It’s just us and our kids. We don’t need to take into account other people’s timetables and traditions. Set school aside and take a long winter vacation. Instead of English, Math, and History in November and December, invite the kids to help plan and get ready. Do some crafts, start some traditions, bake some cookies, plan some BIG meals, and read some great books together! There are tons of winter holiday things to do. The Christmas Craft Fair and Ice Show at Knott’s, The Nutcracker Ballet is being performed in many places, all kinds of great stuff! Make this time of year a very special bonding time instead of adding all the holiday stuff on top of school. Give it a try! You can always extend your school year out into the summer. It’s probably best anyway to be sitting indoors reading, writing, and doing arithmetic indoors when temperatures start to soar!

On that note, I’ll be pulling back as well. The website and blog will seem a bit slow over the next couple months and I’ll be sending the newsletter out only once a month until January. I am only one person and, as much as I love sharing and helping others, my priority is my family and the education of my children. I’ll be back in full swing “next year” after a long winter break!

Thanks for reading, everyone. “See” you next YEAR!

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